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Fiery Red Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, and a Vicious Irish Temper

What would anyone expect from a story about the most famous female pirate who caught the tail end of the Golden Age of Piracy but a fun romp of narrative non-fiction as it would have been told by the woman herself. Seasoned with historical references, the story draws the reader into the real world of Anne Bonny as she experienced it as well as what was going on in the rest of the world that had direct impact on Anne’s life but of which she wasn’t fully aware. Jarrells’ writing style is much like his subject—colorful and rambunctious. He doesn’t hold back on the details of Anne’s escapades either, so if you pick up this book (and I recommend that you do) expect it to be like an encounter with Anne herself: a full frontal assault.

Author Stephanie Bain

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