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     The story was told to me as absolute truth by an elderly English lady following an excellent evening meal and over a pleasantly hot Irish coffee sitting in front of a crackling early winter fire.  She had spent many years living in Charleston, South Carolina, but she had lost none to the etiquette  expected from a proper English lady. She was very  specific in her descriptions. Since neither she nor any of her sources are living, the reader must allow the story teller the benefit of the doubt. I knew her to be a woman of absolute veracity. It took a number of years for my curiosity to grow to the point that I was  enticed to delve into the historical events that surround her somewhat unbelievable story. You are welcome to search, as I did, for verification of the facts contained herein. You may find more informtion than I did and you may find different "facts". That is of little concern to me as I now accept the story as you read it here. I may use different names because my "upbringing" has taught me that it is neither nice nor gentile to divulge family secrets, my grandmother called that "airing the dirty laundry". Another indulgence from my past is the ability to embellish on occasion. So, here is, The "real" story of  Anne Bonny, the girl with Fiery Red Hair, Emerald Green Eyes and  A vicious Irish Temper.   

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